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I am thrilled to be writing on a regular basis now. It is indeed a lovely feeling to know that you have found me via my blog posts and I am more than happy to disclose the latest in skin, beauty and hair with you all. This blog will have a lot of product reviews, DIY articles, make up hacks, tutorials and other super cool stuff.


“I have been here literally though its inception”.


I started my career in this field from the age of 17. The founder of La Belle Salon, Bridal Studio and Academy- Sabiya Poonawala (also my mum), laid its foundation way back in the year 1990 (while she was expecting me :P). So basically, I have been here literally through its inception.

Never in my wildest of dreams had I thought that I would take up a career in the beauty industry. For most of my life, until today, my dreams have been the simpler ones – get a degree in wildlife conservation and then work in the same field. But as we know it, sometimes, life pans out differently for some.


“all the make up products we use are animal friendly and cruelty free”.


I began interning here with Sana soon after my 10th grade I.C.S.E examinations were over. I continued in this field taking up several courses in skin, hair and make up from the best in the field like Toni & Guy (techniques), Jawed Habib, L’Oreal, Wella, Make Up Forever, M.A.C etc.

Before you know it, it’s been 9 years since I became a part of what mum refers to as her “legacy”. Something I take extreme pride in is that my love for animals has ensured that all the make up products we use are animal friendly and cruelty free.


“I want to see more of us turn into independent dream achievers”.


Our academy has been a tiny but most earnest dream of mine come true. I do put my heart and soul into what I do. My aim has always been to encourage and inspire women to excel in this field no matter what their background. I want to see more of us turn into independent dream achievers.


I hope you enjoy this blog just as much as I enjoy penning my thoughts down for you all. Just as keen as you would be to learn, I would love to hear from you guys about what topics I should tap, what products you’ll would like me to review or the kind of hair / make up / skin care techniques you’ll would like to learn. Here’s to inviting you to accompany me on my brush & palette journey.

As I always say “be La Belle”.


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