Everyone wants to look the best they can at any given point and time, and running a salon, I have to keep up with only the best. For the same, organic products have taken the market by storm. I recently had the privilege to interact with Afsheen Dawoodwani, a budding organic elements entrepreneur of The Detox Bar.
Have you ever wanted skin that glows, the one that radiates and makes heads turn? And all this and more with the least amount of damage done to it?
I tried a range of her organic products, and TRUST me, they made my skin feel a whole lot softer, exfoliated and healthy!
Each product is hand made with utmost care, ensuring your skin, a soothing experience. Here are some of my favourite products by The Detox Bar!



Legend has it that Cleopatra would douse her face in rose water to keep her complexion flawless, while the ancient Romans would bathe in this exceptional essence of rose.



It’s no secret that I’m big fan of coffee, let that be an iced coffee, a cappuccino or a nice hot mocha.The Detox Bar offers a Coffee Sugar Scrub. Coffee is an age old ingredient famous for its cellulite combat properties. The scrub is said to diminish the appearance of cellulite, tighten and tone the skin, exfoliate and leave your skin soft as ever!!
Ps- it smelt so good, I wanted to taste it!



I would rather just call this magic in a box. Haha. Mint known for its cooling properties and green tea known for its anti bacterial and anti oxidant properties, work nothing less than a charm on your skin! The secret ingredient in this scrub is Rosemary. This was my favourite amongst all that I tried.
The Detox Bar products are available by online orders. Reach out to Afsheen and she will be happy to deliver to you nothing but best. I hope you enjoyed this review! Stay tuned to my blog for latest updates on skin, hair and make up related stuff. And as I always stay, “Be La Belle.”

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